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Digital Trends Panel, a market research company based in the UK, allows you to improve the internet and your browsing experience by simply downloading a web meter which records your web browsing behavior, such as what websites you visit and your engagement level. The add-on works silently in the back of your browser and does not impact speed or disrupt your browsing experience. It’s a simple passive way to earn extra income!

The GfK Digital Trends Program monitors media and internet use by analyzing user logs and browser history. The GfK Digital Trends program is compatible with iOS 7.0 and supports the iPad 2,3,4, iPad Air(tm) 2, and iPad mini(tm). It is also compatible with the iPod touch 5G. In addition to mobile platforms, the GfK Digital Trends program also measures consumer behaviors on other platforms.

To join the GfK Digital Trends Program, simply visit the official website of the company. To access the panel, enter your username and password. After successful login, a screen will appear asking for permission to access data. While the GfK Digital Trends app collects general app usage information, you may opt out if you do not want the information to be stored on your device. However, you should be aware that disabling access to the data may affect your participation on the panel.

GfK uses unbiased user data to gather information on online trends. Users provide GfK with their email address and password so that their personal information will not be exposed. The data are used in studies and not for marketing purposes. Using the GfK Digital Trends app rewards you for allowing the company to conduct surveys. The GfK Digital Trends program can be useful for advertisers and marketers looking to measure the growth of digital marketing.

To download the GfK Digital Trends app, you must be registered with the GfK Digital-Trends Program. It must be downloaded on your tablet or smartphone, preferably both. Then, you must enter your Freischaltcode and the code for GfK MobileMonitor in Germany. The GfK Digital-Trends App is compatible with multiple devices. Using the GfK MobileMonitor on both devices allows you to see which apps your panel members are using the most.

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Digital Trends Panel
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