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DigaYGane Review

The DigaYGane Hispanics panel has been operating since 2012, with participants sharing their thoughts on everyday products and services. Surveys are sent by firms, governments, and market research agencies that operate in the US and are interested in customer views to improve their products or services. DigaYGane offers surveys in both English and Spanish.

Why join a Hispanic panel?

DigaYGane is primarily targeted toward the Spanish-speaking minority in the US. Hispanics are a very sought-after consumer segment in the US, which means Hispanic respondents have great opportunities to earn a decent amount of cash. The 2020 US Census data shows that the former “minority” group, Hispanics, rapidly gains ground over the traditional white majority population. Hispanic American consumers number more than 60 million and are currently the fastest-growing segment of US citizens. That’s why market research agencies pay close attention to the Hispanic market when advising businesses to develop products and services tailored to this important population segment.

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What can I expect to earn?

Let’s be clear; you won’t be earning hundreds of dollars per week by joining DigaYGane. Like many other similar survey companies in this category, you can expect to earn from $.50 to $5, with the majority in the lower ranges. A typical survey of around 10 minutes will probably earn you less than $1, but the incentive level can also vary depending on the target group.

Important: Note that you need as much as $12.50 in your account before redeeming. This means you might have to take as much as 10 surveys before transferring the money to your PayPal account, which is okay but not great. Ideally, we would like to see redemption levels down to $5 to make it easy to redeem for first-time survey takers.

Is DigaYGane legit?

DigaYGane is not part of a larger market research organization, but it’s been in business for more than 10 years, which is a good sign. The site is free to sign up to, and as such, you are not risking any financial loss. Note that your survey data is likely to be shared with third-party research organizations, and as always, our advice is to pay close attention to what you are signing up for and what kind of personal data you leave behind.

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DigaYGane Review Summary
DigaYGane is a consumer research panel targeted toward Hispanics in the US. It's an accessible way to earn some extra cash, but take notice of the relatively high redemption threshold.
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  • Surveys in both Spanish and English for Hispanics in the US
  • Easy registration process
  • Take surveys on either mobile or desktop/laptop
  • It can be difficult to find help when you are stuck in a survey
  • Screening questions can be time-consuming to answer
  • Sometimes, survey questions are repeated

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