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Daedalus Online Review

Daedalus Online is a Romanian panel company based out of Bucharest which collects consumer panels across Eastern and Central Europe. In return for survey participation, Daedalus offers virtual points that can be exchanged for real cash. We’ve looked at the pros and cons of joining Daedelus.

How much can I earn?

To convert your points into cash, you first need to accumulate at least 1 000 points. When writing this review, 100 points equal €1, making the minimum transfer worth €10. This is in line with many other survey sites. What really matters is how much you earn for each survey you take. After extensive survey-taking over a long period, the average we received was 45 points, or €0.45.

The payment level is not very high, but also not worse than most other panels. However, it means you should expect to complete at least 20 surveys before you’re able to make your first redemption worth €10. In addition to getting points for completed surveys, you also get points if it turns out that you don’t belong to the target group after filling in the first screening questions of the survey. Not all survey sites give you points for so-called screenouts, so this is great.

Daedalus online review

Is Daedalus legit?

If you just came across Daedalus, it’s a fair question to ask if you’re dealing with a legitimate survey site. Daedalus online is owned by a legit market research provider called “Daedalus New Media Research”. Daedelus is one of the largest providers of Romanian research solutions and also offers data collection solutions in neighbouring countries such as Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria. This is a well-established data collection company which has been a member of ESOMAR since 2012. As such, you can trust that Daedalus is not trying to scam you.

What about my data? Are they safe?

Daedalus adheres to GDPR and offers a detailed website section describing how they use its members’ data. You’ll also find an extensive FAQ page which explains “everything” regarding payments and survey taking. While we often complain about the lack of information and transparency when reviewing panel sites, it’s clear that Daedalus has done an excellent job on this point. Well done!

Important to remember

Since bank transfer is the only payment option, it’s imperative to fill in your profile accurately from the beginning. In this way, you won’t risk account suspension.

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Daedalus Online Review Summary
It's clear that Daedalus is a survey site that takes its users seriously and treats them fairly. While the payments could be higher, we really like the transparent approach making participation predictable. 
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  • Transparent approach to keeping members informed
  • Well functioning webpage and app
  • Predictable rewards
  • Does exactly what it says on the tin
  • It can take some time to complete the payment process
  • Only one payment option (bank transfer)

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