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Curious Cat App Review 

Looking for a survey app that is easy to use with a good earning potential? Curious Cat may be just what you need. In this review, I will share my personal experience with using the app and provide an overview of its features.

Is Curious Cat legit?

Yes, Curious Cat’s owner On Device Research is a legit market research firm paying survey takers for their opinions.

The company specializes in conducting surveys on mobile devices, as they believe that this method provides a more accurate representation of consumer behaviour than traditional methods. One of their key ways of collecting data is through their mobile app, Curious Cat (Android/iOS), which allows users to earn rewards by completing short surveys on a variety of topics. Note that there is no website login available for Curious Cat, so you need to use the mobile app.

The data collected through Curious Cat is used by On Device Research to provide insights to clients across a wide range of industries, including FMCG, finance, and media. By using mobile surveys, they are able to gather real-time data on consumer preferences and behaviour, allowing clients to make informed decisions about their marketing and advertising strategies.

What type of surveys can I expect?

The surveys offered by Curious Cat cover a wide range of topics and target groups. For example, a recent survey asked users about their shopping habits at grocery stores, while another asked about their opinions on electric cars. These surveys are designed to provide valuable insights to clients looking to better understand consumer behaviour and preferences.

Another example of a survey offered by Curious Cat focused on the gaming habits of teenagers. Questions can range from the types of games they play to how much time they spend gaming each week. This type of survey can help gaming companies better understand their target audience and develop products and marketing strategies that resonate with them.

What can I earn?

Curious Cat is a survey app that offers users the chance to earn rewards simply by sharing their opinions. With the possibility to cash out quickly through PayPal, it’s easy to see why so many users have become loyal fans of this app.

In our experience when taking surveys over a period of 2 months, you can expect around 40 points per survey. With each point worth £0.01 it means that each survey is worth around £0.40. In other words; surveys are not very well paid, but if you take enough of them it can add up over time. Once users reach £1 worth of points, they can redeem their rewards in the form of a PayPal transfer. The low payment threshold is a huge advantage as the majority of survey sites have more than £10 as a minimum.

Potential risks of sharing your data

Like many other data collection apps, Curious Cat is an app that shares your location and app activity with third-party firms.

The company behind Curious Cat takes data protection seriously,  but keep in mind the risk of your personal information being exposed or compromised (like with other data you share online). When your location data and other sensitive information are shared with third-party firms, it becomes more vulnerable to hacking or other forms of data breaches.

As you can see from the screenshot below from the Play Store (Android), Curious Cat is also a data-hungry cat:


Data shared on the Android version of Curious Cat

When it comes to the App store (iOS), many of the same data points are tracked but Apple’s policy is more restrictive when it comes to sharing data with 3rd parties.


Screenshot showing data shared on the iOS version of Curious Cat

Taking a look at Curious Cat’s privacy policy, they share your data with several different types of businesses:

“We will share your personal data with various third parties, but always for the uses referred to above. These third parties are businesses (and in some cases charities) of the following types:

  • businesses or charities that have commissioned surveys that you participate in
  • payment services providers
  • mailing and delivery services
  • website and app hosting providers
  • messaging services providers
  • social media platforms
  • online and offline marketing service providers
  • research and profiling services
  • [identity verification services]

We may also share your personal data with others where to do so is mandated by applicable law.”

Pros and Cons

Like any survey app, Curious Cat has its pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages we could find after 10 weeks of testing:


On the positive side, Curious Cat has several benefits that make it attractive to users: The app has a low payout threshold, which means users can cash out their earnings once they reach a minimum amount. This is beneficial for users who want to earn money quickly without having to wait for a high payout threshold. Additionally, Curious Cat pays in cash, which is another advantage for users who want to earn money that can be used immediately.

Also, Curious Cat offers varied earning opportunities, including surveys, quizzes, and other tasks. This makes it easier for users to earn money in different ways and diversify their income streams. The mobile app is also an advantage as it allows users to complete surveys on the go, making it more convenient and accessible.

Curious Cat’s payment process is also fast, and users can receive their payment within a few hours of cashing out. This is an attractive feature for users who want to receive their payment quickly without any delays.


On the negative side, however, there are several downsides to signing up with Curious Cat. Many data points are shared with 3rd party firms, which may raise privacy concerns for users. Although this is a common practice in the industry, users should be aware of the information they are sharing and how it may be used.

Another disadvantage of Curious Cat is that it can be hard to qualify for surveys, meaning that users may not be able to complete surveys and earn money. This can be frustrating and may discourage users from using the app.

Curious Cat also does not have a website version, which means that users must download the app to use the service. This can be inconvenient for users who prefer to use a website instead of an app. Additionally, Curious Cat is known to block accounts quickly if they suspect fraudulent activity, which can be frustrating for users who feel their accounts have been unjustly blocked.

We also experienced several technical glitches, which can cause frustration for users trying to complete surveys or cash out their earnings.

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Curious Cat App Review Summary
Curious Cat is a survey app that has several advantages, including a low payout threshold, cash payments, varied earning opportunities, a mobile app, and a fast payment process. However, it also has downsides such as potential privacy concerns, difficult qualification for surveys, no website version, quick account blocking, and technical glitches.
Survey Experience
Survey Matching
Incentive Level
Redeeming Rewards
  • Low payout threshold
  • Cash payments
  • Varied earning opportunities
  • Mobile app
  • Fast payment process
  • Lots of personal data tracked and shared
  • No website version (app only)
  • Quick to block accounts
  • Technical glitches

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