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Consumer Village Review

Consumer Village is a market research community with some unique twists. In addition to offering participants to take online surveys, they can also take part in online focus groups and discussions. From this perspective, the site gives you more of a “village feel” compared to a standard survey site. One of the key features we’ve looked closer into is the focus groups, which are paid much better than standard online surveys.

Online focus groups is a popular research method because it allows participants to join from their home, which means they do not have to travel to a physical location. This makes it more convenient and less time-consuming for participants, which can lead to higher participation rates.

What can I expect from online focus groups?

Consumer Village conducts online focus groups as a market research method using video conferencing software. In an online focus group, a group of participants is brought together virtually and are asked to discuss and provide feedback on a particular product, service, or topic.

consumer village focus group

When you participate in online focus groups, they are typically moderated by a researcher, who poses questions or prompts to guide the discussion. The participants can interact with one another, share their opinions and thoughts, and give feedback on the topic at hand. The online focus group is typically recorded, and the data is analyzed later.

How is my data used?

Online focus groups are useful for gathering in-depth qualitative data and insights into consumer behaviour, attitudes, and perceptions. They can be conducted with participants from different geographic locations, making it easier to gather diverse participants. Additionally, online focus groups are more cost-effective and efficient than in-person focus groups, as they do not require participants to travel to a physical location.

How much can I make?

Members accumulate virtual points when taking ordinary surveys, which can be used to redeem Amazon gift vouchers. Focus groups are awarded cash paid by checks, ranging from $50 to $100. Tokens are also earned towards sweepstakes each time you respond to a new sponsored topic. Consumer Village offers very little information for new members before signing up, and we wish they would be more transparent on this point.

How do I redeem my reward?

Panellists can redeem their accounts when they have accumulated a minimum of $5 or 500 Tokens. Rewards are calculated at the end of each month and then dispersed via e-mail to panel members by the 15th of the following month. Amazon gift vouchers are awarded immediately when they are cashed out.  

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Consumer Village is a market research community where participants can earn money by participating in activities such as online focus groups. F
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  • Well-paying focus groups
  • Rewards are paid quickly
  • Lack of information on the webpage
  • Check is the only payment method for focus groups

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