TGM Research

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, TGM Research provides online respondent access and data collection services to the market research industry.

TGM sources its panelists through various sources, including email opt-ins and marketing campaigns, email opt-ins, email opts, marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, social networks, mobile applications, and other sources. This eliminates bias in selection due to biased sources that favor specific profiles and ensures that the panel is representative of the entire population.

TGM uses various technology-enabled quality control measures to ensure the collection of relevant data. This includes advanced digital fingerprinting to prevent duplicate responses, trap questions that identify careless respondents, checks for human vs. robot, extensive geo-location control, and many other measures. TGM adheres to all ESOMAR regulations. This includes a double opt-in process for panelists and its regulations for data collection.

Panel members need to be engaged in research and interested in getting meaningful responses. TGM makes every effort to motivate panel members with attractive incentives, a user-friendly interface, mobile-friendly questionnaires, and various tasks. Respondents who are not interested are removed from the panels.

TGM provides more than just demographic information to ensure clients get the best sample. For each panelist, hundreds of data points are collected. To name just a few, data points include company revenue/industry and drinking preferences and frequency, education, electronics ownership, and travel history and preferences.


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