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BzzAgent Review

BzzAgent is specializing in recruiting consumers to test and evaluate products. In return, participants receive free items such as cosmetics, gadgets, and pet food in exchange for their opinions. Most people get starry-eyed with free products, but is it really worth the time and effort? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at BzzAgent’s gigs.

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Is BzzAgent legit?

BzzAgent and its owner Power Opinions are legitimate businesses operating within the realm of consumer marketing and user-generated content. With a focus on consumer opinions and word-of-mouth advertising, they provide a platform for individuals to share their honest reviews of products and services.

Through their campaigns and partnerships with various brands, they facilitate the exchange of feedback and experiences, helping both consumers and companies make informed decisions. As long as they adhere to relevant laws and regulations governing marketing practices, compensating consumers for their reviews and social media sharing is a legitimate business model.

What’s the concept?

BzzAgent’s owner Power Opinions is a UGC (User-Generated Content) company. BzzAgent is specifically focused on facilitating the exchange of honest reviews of products and services.

Here’s how the concept works:

  1. Consumer participation: Power Opinions encourages consumers to sign up and participate in their campaigns. Individuals interested in trying out new products and services can join BzzAgent through their website or mobile app.
  2. Campaign selection: BzzAgent partners with various brands and companies across different industries. Once consumers sign up, they can browse through available campaigns and choose the ones that align with their interests and preferences.
  3. Receiving products or services: Upon joining a campaign, participants are provided with complimentary or discounted access to the product or service being promoted. This allows them to personally experience and form an opinion about the offering.
  4. Honest reviews and feedback: After trying the product or service, BzzAgent encourages participants to submit honest reviews, sharing their genuine thoughts and experiences. These reviews can be in the form of written testimonials, ratings, or even multimedia content, such as photos or videos.
  5. Social media sharing: Power Opinions utilizes the power of social media by encouraging participants to share their reviews across their personal social media channels. Participants may post on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, allowing their friends, followers, and online communities to learn about the product or service.
  6. Increasing brand visibility and sales: By leveraging the influence of user-generated content and personal recommendations, Power Opinions aims to help brands increase their visibility and sales conversion rates. The honest reviews and social media shares from BzzAgent participants can generate buzz, attract potential customers, and build trust in the promoted products or services.
  7. Consumer rewards: As a token of appreciation for their efforts, BzzAgent compensates participants for their honest reviews and social media sharing. This compensation can come in the form of gift cards, product samples, or other incentives, depending on the specific campaign and brand partnership.

bzzagent dashboard screenshot

Bzzagent encourages users to keep their profile up-to-date to ensure consideration for campaigns they want to participate in. Once the user is deemed a great fit for a campaign, Bzzagent will send an email invite with instructions to apply for the opportunity.  When an applicant is chosen for a campaign, Bzzagent sends an email confirmation and another update once their sample has shipped within one to three weeks.

bzzagent invitation screenshot

Upon receiving the sample, users must try the product before submitting an honest review. Bzzagent will send an email with posting instructions to provide guidance and inspiration for the review. Once the review is complete, users are encouraged to share their experiences with their friends, followers, and other consumers on social media platforms. The company recommends using specified hashtags and @mentions to increase the post’s reach.

Bzzagent rewards its most active and influential agents with more campaigns, encouraging users to complete all activities listed in the posting instructions email.

How honest are the reviews?

First of all, the reviews through BzzAgent are based on the reviewers’ actual experience with a product or service. This in itself adds a lot of credibility. BzzAgent also asks its users to write totally honest and unbiased reviews. Users must also state in their review that they received a free product. From this point of view, Power Opinions and BuzzAgent follow standard marketing regulations and are not encourage their users to write fake reviews in any way.

However, reviewers can also be influenced by incentives or hidden agendas, such as receiving free products.  Also, the whole business model of BzzAgent’s owner Power Reviews is to increase their client’s sales and conversions. If a user frequently writes critical reviews of the products they receive, I have doubts if BzzAgent will continue to pick that person for more projects in the future. You never know of course, but at the end of the day, their business is built on boosting their clients’ sales numbers.

This is how Power Opinions describes its business model on its webpage:

PowerReviews is a conversion-first UGC vendor obsessed with helping brands and retailers grow their businesses. PowerReviews enables these organizations to generate better quality customer product ratings and reviews in larger volumes and then analyze and benchmark all this data to optimize their UGC programs for conversion, while improving product quality and customer experience.

bzzagent invitation

Note that as a BzzAgent if you write a review about a product, you must clearly state that you received it for free from the brand in exchange for the review. The BzzAgent Disclosure Guidelines provide examples of how to comply with these requirements. If you don’t follow these guidelines, your content may be removed, and you may not be invited to participate in future campaigns.

The pros and cons of signing up with Bzzagent

The idea of receiving free items, and potentially products you’re interested in, sounds appealing, but is it all it’s cracked up to be?

On the positive side, BzzAgent does provide a chance for people to try out new products and provide feedback. Members can select campaigns that they are genuinely interested in and have the opportunity to receive free products that they might not have otherwise discovered. This can be a great way to test out new products and share your thoughts with others.

However, there are some downsides to consider. One potential issue is the fact that you’ll need to share product reviews with friends and family on your private social media channels. As a BzzAgent member, you’re expected to openly share your reviews on social media such as Facebook and Instagram (where you usually have your friends and family), which might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Additionally, the process of testing products can feel very random and sporadic. Members might go weeks or even months without receiving a campaign invite, and there’s no guarantee that they’ll receive products that they’re interested in.

Another concern is the lack of transparency in some campaigns. Some BzzAgent members have reported feeling misled by the campaign descriptions or feeling that the instructions were unclear. Additionally, some members have noted that the review requirements are sometimes overly restrictive, making it difficult to share their true opinions.

While BzzAgent does offer the opportunity to receive free products, it’s important to consider the potential downsides before signing up. The pressure to share reviews among friends and family, the sporadic nature of campaign invites, and the lack of transparency in some campaigns can be frustrating for some users.


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BzzAgent Review Summary
Bzzagent offers the potential to receive free products that match your interests, providing a unique opportunity to try new things. However, the pressure to share positive reviews with friends and family can be a downside, as can the sporadic and random nature of the testing process.
  • Opportunity to receive free products
  • Early access to new products
  • Not all products are interesting or useful for your personal needs
  • Some might not like sharing their reviews publicly
  • It can be time-consuming to write reviews
  • No cash rewards

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