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Betabound Review 

Betabound is where a wide variety of beta testing opportunities from around the world are collected and organised for beta testers to find and match their interests and for companies to recruit qualified testers for their beta programs. Betabound, which used to be called OnlineBeta, is owned by Centercode, a user-testing automation platform that transforms how you collect and analyse pre-release customer feedback. Centercode designs and develops the software on which Betabound is built, the Centercode Platform, which many other companies also use.

Is Betabound a legit survey site? 

Betabound is not a scam. It is legit. Betabound allows individuals to apply for and test new products and services on its online portal. The parent company, Centercode, helps businesses manage the entire product lifecycle by capturing feedback from prospects, employees, and customers, forming a client satisfaction solution.

Data Privacy: Any reason for concern?

Betabound only allows access to third parties whose tests you have explicitly applied for or where you are directed to show your information to the site’s customers. Betabound does not sell your personal information. In any case, you are reminded to always read each company’s privacy policy before creating an account and/or supplying any data to them. 

How to get started 

It is free to sign up. Click “Sign Up” at the top left-hand side of the Betabound homepage. After you enter your email address, your confirmation email will give you a link to set up your new Betabound account. Supply basic information like your name, email address, and login information. Your email address is where your early and exclusive announcements are sent. You also need to set your test platform profiles; this will be used as the platform for the products you will be testing. Make sure you add all your devices, including your phone, as a test platform.

People from all backgrounds and all countries can be testers. Each project will have a unique tester requirement, so only some people will be eligible for every test.

What about the survey experience? 

The information you supply is used as part of the recruitment process to ensure that the opportunities being sent to you fit your interests and demographics. You will be asked to select a category when you add a test platform profile. There are plenty of categories you can choose from, and you can create a profile for every one of them. After setting up your test platform profile, wait for opportunities to take part. It is not Betabound that conducts the test.

Betabound’s opportunities are only fit for mobile devices if you are asked to evaluate a mobile app or game. However, you can use a mobile web browser. Betabound also supplies good support to members; it has a contact form you can use to send in an inquiry in case you need to talk to their support team. 

How much can you make on Betabound? 

No points system. There are no cash payments to be a tester. Users are considered volunteers. On occasion, a user may be asked to beta test software or hardware, which they may be invited to keep upon completion of the test. After honest feedback is received, a company may also thank the beta tester with products, gift cards, or t-shirts.

Companies cannot expect your feedback to be honest and dependable if you are paid to give it. Betabound is just the collection of links to beta tests; they do not do the test themselves. So, join Betabound if you are interested in doing beta tests and do not expect to be paid.

What can prevent me from cashing out? 

You must provide complete and correct information to use the Betabound sites. Failure to do so will prevent you from taking part in any test feedback and other activities of partner companies. Also, keep your information always updated. There is no payment for testers, but you may be given gifts from companies after supplying honest and unbiased feedback.

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Betabound Review Summary
This is a website listing all the available beta listing opportunities out there. It gives you access to legit beta tests, but if you want to earn extra cash, consider joining other survey sites.
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  • You can get an overview of legit beta testing tasks
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  • You do not get paid to participate
  • Just a collection of links to beta tests

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