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42 Market Research Review

42 market research is a small fieldwork agency focused on recruiting healthcare professionals such as physicians to research projects.

Focused on healthcare research

Since 2002, the fieldwork agency has focused its research activities on the healthcare industry. In addition to conducting interviews with professionals such as doctors, dentists and nurses on the phone, 42 Market does interviews online as well. According to their website, they have a team of highly experienced researchers, who work across 60 countries to research solutions.

Members of EphMRA

42 Research has a global presence and cover research solutions in over 60 countries. They specialize in healthcare products and services, and the company is currently listed as a member of the market research organisation Ephmra.

Screenshot from Ephmra:

42 market research

Ephmra is an organisation for healthcare market research suppliers. One of its aims is to uphold a high level of standards among its members. Ephmra has also published a code of conduct for healthcare research providers.

In addition to delivering research, 42 Market Research is committed to providing timely and accurate data on a wide range of research topics. The company claims to have established long-standing relationships with healthcare professionals.

Head office in UAE

Located in the United Arab Emirates, 42 Market Research is a global market research specialist. The company was founded in Germany in 2002 and relocated to Dubai in 2004. The team is also active in Brazil, Mexico, and Canada.

Is 42 Research legit?

While we don’t have reason to believe 42 Research is a scam, we would recommend new respondents to be cautious. Read the T&Cs carefully, and make sure to redeem your reward as soon as possible after participating.

42 Market Research Spam

The market research industry is subject to strict data privacy regulations. Spam is not tolerated in any shape or form, and could lead to significant penalties. Only companies that have received your explicit approval are allowed to send you invitations to market research projects. If you suspect that 42 market research has sent unsolicited email, you should report it to your national market research organisation and data protection authority.

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