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20/20 Panel Review

The 20-20 panel is focused on so-called qualitative research, which usually involves roundtable discussions, focus groups, and in-person research. These research methods are generally much better paid than traditional online surveys but can also be harder to qualify for. We’ve looked at some pros and cons of signing up for the 20/20 panel. Update: The 20/20 panel is acquired by the Schlesinger Group, which might lead to the panel being migrated or merged with other panels.

How can I qualify for paid tasks?

The most attractive type of paid research task offered by the 20/20 panel is the roundtable discussion, typically paid between $50 and $350 per hour, depending on the target audience. Additionally, you can get paid for participation in online surveys, but these pay a lot less, usually well below $5 per survey.

Roundtable discussions

While roundtable discussions can be well paid, they can take time to qualify for. Therefore, the 20/20 panel chose participants for roundtable discussions based on their expertise, experience, and ability to provide valuable insights on the topic of discussion. This usually includes:

  1. Industry experts: Individuals with a deep understanding of the market and industry trends which can provide valuable insights and opinions.
  2. Key stakeholders: Representatives from organizations and companies directly impacted by the topic of discussion, such as customers, suppliers, and regulators.
  3. Subject matter experts: Individuals with specialized knowledge on the topic of discussion, such as researchers, consultants, and academics.
  4. Decision-makers: Individuals responsible for making decisions that impact the market and industry, such as executives, managers, and policymakers.
  5. End-users: Individuals who directly use the products or services related to the topic of discussion, such as consumers or employees.

Participants are selected based on the specific objectives of the roundtable discussion and should be representative of the target audience for the research.

Do I need to travel to participate?

Roundtable discussions can take place either online or in person. In-person opportunities are designated for those living in the areas around 20/20’s facilities:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Nashville, TN
  • Miami, FL  

Is the 20/20 panel legit? Any drawbacks?

The 20/20 Panel is legit but is quite different from a standard survey site. Keep in mind that this is not a traditional survey panel but is more focused on in-person research either online or at one of their locations. The opportunities to participate will be few but potentially well-paid when you eventually qualify. A common complaint from members stems from filling out a long list of pre-qualifying questions without being offered any paid opportunities. If you’re looking for a panel to earn money from online surveys daily, you’ll need to look elsewhere.  

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20-20 Panel Review Summary
Well-paid opportunities if you're lucky to get picked for a qualitative opportunity such as a roundtable discussion. However, don't sign up if you primarily aim to earn money from standard online surveys.
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  • Well-paid roundtable discussions and in-person research engagements
  • Legit and long-established market research firm
  • Hard to qualify
  • Few survey opportunities

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